From the page: “Most impressive about Hallman’s work, however, is the unusual and laborious technique she employs to achieve all these results. The artist begins by using dry pigments (in a powder form) and applies the pure and rich tones to paper. When she is satisfied with the layout of colors, she sprays a clear acrylic which sets the pigments in place. She then applies multiple layers of pigment, masking off different areas with tape, applying pressure with her hands; no brushes are used. Then, she scrapes away selected areas revealing previous layers and all tape is removed. At this juncture, Hallman assesses the work. In some instances she applies acrylic mediums, using the masking off and tearing away technique. She continues this procedure until the desired effect is achieved. The next step, if the artist chooses, is to apply thin color washes and/or combinations of oil mixed with dry pigment on the top surfaces.”

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