fotomafia – фотографии. 35фото

Very diverse portfolio this Fotomafia has. I like some of his pictures very much.


O&S&S&&&R&I&O&.&.&.&arte menos polui&&o&.&.&.&O&S&S&A&R&I&O&.&.&.&art less pollution&

Alexandre Orion’s project with dirty walls and detergent. He writes about this piece of art: “At dawn on July 13, 2006, I started work on an intervention in the Max Feffer Tunnel joining Av. Europa and Cidade Jardim. The intervention was through a process of subtraction, scraping off layers of soot from vehicle exhaust built up on tunnel walls to produce images of human skulls.

Police checked us out several times during the early morning when I was working on “cleaning” the tunnel. However, as expected, they could not stop me drawing skulls in the tunnel. “Cleaning” is not a crime. What is a crime is the environmental damage caused by unashamed pollution. As, as also expected, the State did not let the matter rest there. There was only one way to prevent me “cleaning” my way, and that was for them to clean up too. And they did!”

Bert Teunissen Photographer

In 1996 Bert started to make a series of photographs that were made in houses that still have the `old and antique available daylight’. The work is made in Holland, France, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Great Britain and Japan and will find its continuation around the world. Here Bert uses available light to photograph people in their kitchen, livingroom or bedroom. It is a search for a way of living that has been around for centuries and that is disappearing from society fast, due to architectual changes but also because of new regulations in the EU and other parts of the world.