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“Penn Museum’s unique collection of brilliantly painted Chama polychromes opens a window into the lives of the ordinary Maya of 1,300 years ago, and the way they dealt with the challenge of forced change. More than 150 objects convey vibrant evidence of ancient Maya life, as revealed by amazing archaeological discovery and scientific analysis.” Found via Heatdunn.

In the gallery there are even sound examples of ceramic Maya flutes, for example this one:



“The chulha is a stove designed to limit the dangerous health conditions caused by traditions of indoor cooking in many rural areas of the developing world. The stove is being made available by Philips Design to the universe of social entrepreneurs so that they can, free of charge, produce the stove, themselves, and generate local business while helping counter what the World Health Organization estimates is some 1.6 million deaths per year from conditions prompted by the toxic fumes of indoor cooking with ‘bio-mass’ fuels (wood, dung, peat, etc.).” See also: or

Dezeen & Blog Archive & Housing project in Helsingborg by Wilhelmson Arkitekter

“Stockholm architects Wilhelmson Arkitekter have designed a housing project with windows that look like gilded picture frames on a site just north of Helsingborg, Sweden. Generous apartments with clear views onto resund.” Site of Wilhelmson Arkitekter:

Designer Anders Wilhelmson, in collaboration with Camilla Wirseen and Peter Thuvander, has developed the Peepoo bag – a single-use, disposable toilet bag intended to improve sanitary conditions in developing nations. The Peepoo bag is made from degradable bioplastic lined with urea. The used bags are clean and safe to handle, and remain odour-free for at least 24 hours, meaning they can be stored in the immediate area. After two-four weeks the treated faeces can be used as a high-value fertiliser.