“Sourdough bread is bread made without added yeast. By making a “starter” in which wild yeast can grow, the sourdough baker can raise bread naturally, as mankind did for thousands and thousands of years before a packet of yeast was an available convenience at the local market.” Found on Margir’s pages.


“An amazing documentary about a man (Dick Proenneke) who spent 30 years living in a tiny log cabin in the Alaskan wilderness. By the end, I felt a little envious of him. His lifestyle is so appealing in its simplicity, but because of my reliance on modern conveniences, I know I never could live like he did. I think a lot of people would feel this way after watching “Alone in the Wilderness”. Dick Proenneke was an unusual person who was able to devote his life to nature and really understood what it meant to be one with it. The way he was able to befriend animals is almost like something out of a Disney movie. This is a must see for anyone who ever wanted to leave it all and put civilization behind him.” Found on Aswin’s pages.

Ball-Nogues Studio

Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues. For example: “Liquid Sky will immerse the viewer in kaleidoscopic patterns of color created by sunlight filtering through an array of translucent, tinted Mylar petals that resemble blossoming flowers of stained glass. Six towers constructed from untreated utility poles support the surface while providing discrete spaces at their base for relaxing on enormous community hammocks made of brightly colored netting.”

“Some spiders decorate their own webs with even more elaborate and complex patterns than are necessary. The structures are known as web decorations but the more scientific name for one is stabilimentum. In the plural they are known as stabilimenta and the name came about because of a mistake. When first studied the decorations were believed to be used in stabilizing the web of a spider – and there you have the term stabilimentum.”