My Latest Artwork – Jacqueline Leighton Boyce – Ceramic Artist

Jacqueline Leighton Boyce, ceramic art.


DOMINIC WILCOX: This site documents work, ideas and experiments.

“Dominic Wilcox is an artist who works within the territory of the ‘everyday’. (…) His work, which is usually layered with an ultra dry wit, places a spotlight on the banal, always adding a new, alternative perspective on things we take for granted.”
“As part of the London Design Festival, Dominic Wilcox has created a field from 400 eco-friendly shoes. Sponsored by Terra Plana, the ethical shoe company, Wilcox has applied a touch of magic to the shoe laces as they rise up in unison and grow towards the window’s light.”

Leo Sewell

Leo Sewell – Junk Sculptor / Recycled Art / Assemblages. “Leo Sewell grew up near a dump. He has played with junk now for fifty years and has developed his own assemblage technique. (…) His sculptures are composed of recognizable objects of plastic, metal and wood. These objects are chosen for their color, shape, texture, durability and patina; then they are assembled using nails, bolts, and screws. The outdoor sculptures are constructed of stainless steel, brass, or aluminum found objects which are welded together.”

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Searching The Internet Increases Brain Function

Fun way of brain exercising 🙂
“Functional MRI brain scans show how searching the Internet dramatically engages brain neural networks (in red). The image on the left displays brain activity while reading a book; the image on the right displays activity while engaging in an Internet search. (Credit: Image courtesy of University of California – Los Angeles)”