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Blog of Ronnie from Sams Creek, NSW, Australia. I just love her post of 20 september 2009 (I shortened it a bit, for the full text see her blog). Found on Margir’s pages. She is on SU too, as rayliffe24:

“Sunday, September 20, 2009
binding issues…

Since July I’ve been binding a very, very, very loooong coptic ‘book’ (…) The book is 2.4m long (or 8ft for all you imperialists!) and I used almost 100m of waxed linen thread to bind the un-counted sections together – each section in the book is a single page from Colliers encyclopaedias that has been folded and cut down into 16 leaves – the work contains approx 5-6 volumes from the set of encyclopaedias – so it’s a rather heavy and unwieldy ‘book’. (…) As the work grew – I started to see how the piece could be arranged in seemingly limitless ways:

Laid out straight – the extreme length can be appreciated – so too can my careful arrangement of tones of the spine pages…

The piece can be easily rolled up to form a spiral – and looks just lovely (and its ‘booky’ nature is actually quite concealed like this)

but it’s all the possibilites of freeform arrangements that has me really excited!

ooooh what fun!”


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