Brigitte, Germanys most popular womens mag, bans professional models | Life and style | The Guardian

“Germany’s most popular women’s magazine is banning professional models from its pages and replacing them with images of ‘real life’ women instead. In what is seen as the latest attempt to stamp out the ‘size zero’ model, the editors of Brigitte said it would in future only use women with ‘normal figures’. “From 2010 we will not work with professional models any more,” said Andreas Lebert, editor-in-chief, adding that he was ‘fed up’ with having to retouch pictures of underweight models who bore no resemblance to ordinary women. “For years we’ve had to use Photoshop to fatten the girls up,” he said. “Especially their thighs, and decolletage. But this is disturbing and perverse and what has it got to do with our real reader?” He said the move was a response to complaints by readers who said they had no connection with the women depicted in fashion features and no longer wanted to see protruding bones.”Today’s models weigh around 23% less than normal women,” Lebert said. “The whole model industry is anorexic.” Another step in the good direction. When you can read German, you can find more info at

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