Flickr: Ame Inu (Rain Dog Autistic)s Photostream

Amazing Flickr site of Ame Inu, or Thomas F. Kent, Virginia, USA. Worth your visit! He introduces his photography in his profile: “Ame Inu is Japanese for Rain Dog. I am not Japanese, but I am a Rain Dog, or, to be more specific, I am a Rain Dog Autistic.(…) I use the term Rain Dog Autistic to differentiate from what I call “Hothouse Autistics”: those who were identified as being on the autistic spectrum as children. (…) I speak of my autism because I believe it has a profound impact on how I see the world, what I notice and what I don’t, what I find intriguing to photograph and what I tend to ignore. The ordinary over the extraordinary, parts over the whole, abstraction over coherence, pattern over function. If I had to sum up my photographic style in one word, it would be “Distortionist.” While I have made a number of photographs that could be seen as documentary, most of the photographs I make are made with the realization that the camera is, above all else, a distortion engine. It arrests the flow of time and warps space from three dimensions to two. It can also warp the space it captures. The willing acceptance, and conscious manipulation of the camera’s unique properties allows me to discard the conceit that what the camera records is unadulterated truth, and this in turn liberates me from the futility of adhering to socially dictated constructivist perception. So informed, anything becomes possible, any photograph has a chance at transcendence, can become sublime, can become art.”


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