Portfolio Website – – Marie Maretska – Fine Artist – Medford


Marie Maretska, arts: “Enameling is a process of fusing glass to metal to create a timeless bond. Multiple layers of transparent colored glass are applied to a polished copper surface, each layer fired at 1500 degrees. The results are jewel-like colors with a complex quality of light refraction. In the ‘Communion Series’ I shape and planish the copper prior to enameling. Planishing is the process of striking the copper with a hammer polished to mirror sheen. This creates small indentations on the surface that the hot glass can pool into. Three to five layers of glass are fused independently to the metal. Within each layer are one to six colors. Each piece is mounted on a supportive framework. This enables me to raise, lower, and/or angle the work. I want this art to catch and cast light, to resemble fields of color reflected in a body of water.”



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