Be lucky – its an easy skill to learn – Telegraph—its-an-easy-skill-to-learn.html

Richard Wiseman is a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire. He wrote The Luck Factor.
“Lucky people are more relaxed and open, and therefore see what is there rather than just what they are looking for.(…) Lucky people generate good fortune via four basic principles:
1. They are skilled at creating and noticing chance opportunities,
2. make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition,
3. create self-fulfilling prophesies via positive expectations, and
4. adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good.(…)

I think there are three easy techniques that can help to maximise good fortune:
a. (…) Lucky people tend to respect hunches. (…) this helps them because gut feelings act as an alarm bell.
b. Unlucky people tend to be creatures of routine. (…) In contrast, many lucky people try to introduce variety into their lives.
c. Lucky people tend to see the positive side of their ill fortune.”


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