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TapwaterJ keeps me reading his pages. Very elaborate reviews, beautifully illustrated. In one word: Quality. Thanks for all the work you’ve put in your pages 🙂
Tapwater is my favourite drink, btw, and tea.



NOVA | Megabeasts Sudden Death | Extraordinary Artifacts | PBS


Another find on TapwaterJ’s pages: “Clovis caches, groupings of exquisitely carved spear points and other flaked stone artifacts crafted thousands of years ago. Were they stored for a planned retrieval that never came? Were they ritual objects used in sacred ceremonies or as grave goods? Did the ancients use them for all three purposes? No one knows.

Fashioned from Utah agate, this is a classic Clovis point in size, flaking, and proportions. It is in such perfect condition that experts suspect it may never have been used, bolstering the hypothesis that such caches may have served a ritual purpose.”

Seedmagazine.com | IYA2009 | From Earth to the Universe


Found on TapwaterJ’s pages. Beautiful space photographs, on the site of Seedmagazine.

“Andromeda Galaxy, 2.5 million light years from Earth.

Andromeda is a spiral galaxy close to our Milky Way, and it is the largest galaxy visible to the unaided eye. By using ultraviolet light, astronomers can highlight different structures: blue colors represent light given off by brilliant young stars in the spiral arms, while orange tones are from the older, cooler stars in the galaxy’s core. Billions of years from now, the Milky Way and Andromeda will merge.”

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“Thor’s Helmet, 15,000 light years from Earth.

Thor’s Helmet is a rare example of a Wolf-Rayet star. Around 40 times the mass of our Sun, this type of star is young and extremely bright. It generates a wind that blasts outwards from the star at millions of miles per hour. Because Wolf-Rayet stars burn so brightly and shed so much material, scientists think they represent a brief stage before the star explodes as a supernova.”

The official Martin Hayes/Dennis Cahill website


The official Martin Hayes / Dennis Cahill website. Martin Hayes writes: “The issue that is of utmost importance is that innovation, change, tradition and continuity all be tempered by integrity, humility and understanding. These issues are the issues of all artistic pursuit and are therefore universal, as is the very core of the music itself.”