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Top 2000 of 2009 on Radio 2 in the Netherlands. For all non-Dutch: in the upper right corner you find: luister live = listen live, kijk live = watch live. And lijsten = lists. Enjoy 🙂


Ladies and Gentlemen: Living Vintage – main

“Ladies and Gentlemen founders Jean Lee and Dylan Davis have one weakness: a powerful adversion to not letting good things go to waste. Of course the concept of “good things” is a fleeting one in the fast-paced times we find ourselves in. L&G believes in taking that extra second to appreciate the inherient character in an already existing object. Before tossing that thingamagig to the curb, think about what’s special about it; what it has been, what it is, what it can be.

Ladies and Gentlemen Studio is Jean and Dylan’s multi-faceted effort to formalize these beliefs into a design approach and lifestyle that encourages people to take that paradigm-flipping plunge into a greater appreciation for what’s already under the sun.”
Jean’s obsession with vintage doilies grew to epic proportions when she created these full size area rugs using cotton rope.”

Pablo Corral Vega – Home

Pablo Corral Vega, photography. “About Corral’s work, Vargas Llosa had this to say: “In Pablo Corral’s photographs there is always a hope, an affirmation of life, a will to survive even in face of the worst adversities, and this hope, this affirmation, this drive manifest themselves in the humblest and the most mistreated, whether by their fellow human beings or by catastrophes. It may be, in fact, that these images that portray the ability to resist, the ability not to be crushed by the most elemental and terrible conditions of life, are the most persuasive of the collection. They are images of people bowed under the weight of a centuries-long oppression, people who have been exploited, are being exploited, and then forgotten, condemned to live in the most extreme poverty, the most extreme conditions, at the constant risk and in the constant awareness of death. And yet none of that has taken away from these people their joie de vivre, the gaiety of their fiestas, the fun of getting into costumes and dancing to the music of their bands, the happiness of walking with their saints and virgins in sumptuous processions. In the villages of the Sierras, Pablo Corral’s camera, filled with sympathy and solidarity with those he is about to photograph, can always pick out that secret little flame that never stops flickering, even in the darkest of circumstances, and whose philosophy can be summed up by this old saying: “The last thing that dies in the human being is hope.” The slideshows with music are a real pleasure to watch too. Thanks to Liberli for sending me this beautiful link.

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