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Nadia Turner, artist and illustrator: “I am fascinated by other worlds and other cultures. In my work I am trying to capture a moment in a characters life and evoke a sense of otherworldliness. Just like when you look at an old photograph, I want you to wonder .. who are these creatures?……what worlds do they live in?…and what are their dreams?” Her homepage, but with less examples of her art:

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Benzaiten, a goddess of inspiration and music.

Image Hosted by
This is a companion piece for Benzaiten. These are goddess like creatures of inspiration, music and creativity. This painting is a loose interpretation of the Gaelic goddess Druantia. Worship of her probably originated in Gaul. The root of her name, ‘drus’ means ‘oak’ and so links her with oak trees and from that the druids, and is often called ‘Queen of the druids’. These days she is associated with the Dryads and rules the realms of creativity, fertility, passion, trees, protection, and knowledge.


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