Werner Forman Archive


“Werner Forman Archive. Thousands of photographs of archaeological sites, monuments, art and artefacts of the world’s many cultures.”

“Werner Forman made his first impression on the art world in 1954 with a volume of photographs of Chinese art collections in his native Czech Republic. The immediate success of this book was the start of an impressive career during which he has worked in museums and private collections around the globe and photographed monuments, people and places from Greenland to New Zealand. (…) Having photographed, in the course of his long career, archaeological sites, cultural monuments and objects in more than 55 countries, Werner Forman has amassed a priceless archive that has become a highly valued resource of images for publishers throughout the world.”

“Green-glazed tomb figure of a Ferghana horse. The maintenance and expansion of the Tang empire depended on the mobility of its armies. They in turn depended on the famed Ferghana horses. Held in the highest esteem, these steeds have been immortalized in literature as the ‘horses that sweated blood’. Country of Origin: China. Culture: Chinese. Date/Period: Tang dynasty, AD 618-906. Material Size: pottery. “


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