El Sitio Web de Jos Fuster.


Website of Jose Fuster, a Cuban artist. An article in English about this creative man can be found at http://www.cubanow.net/pages/loader.php?sec=2&t=2&item=5813 : “Jose Fuster (1946) is one of those persons endowed with boundless creativity. More than 30 years ago, this Cuban painter, sculptor and ceramist made Jaimanitas, a sea resort west of Havana, his home and, although already with an internationally reputation, it was there that, more than a decade ago, he embarked on the Jaimanitas Project, his true kingdom of majolica sculpture and ceramics.

His house-cum-workshop is in the center of the project and the unmistakable seal of his work extends for a couple of blocks from it in every direction. Some critics have compared his work with that of Gaudi, but when examined closely Cuban references and symbols prevail: it is a m©lange of wizardry and joie de vivre. Palm trees, roosters, crocodiles, peasants, horses, the Virgin of Charity are the main motifs in neighboring houses, ornamenting walls, benches, water tanks and all concrete objects that come under his hands.”

Photo by Andrew Moore (see review below).


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