ALBÉNIZ (Tárrega): Asturia (Leyenda) – Andrés SEGOVIA

ALBENIZ (Tarrega): Asturia (Leyenda) – Andres SEGOVIA.
“In 1883 Isaac Albeniz met the teacher and composer Felipe Pedrell, who inspired him to write Spanish music such as the Suite Espanola, Op. 47. The fifth movement of that suite, called Asturias (Leyenda) is probably most famous these days in the classical guitar world, even though it was originally composed for piano and only later transcribed to guitar by Francisco Tarrega. Many of his other compositions were also later transcribed to guitar – Albeniz himself preferred Tarrega’s guitar transcriptions to his original piano works.

Leyenda (Asturias) is a work of classical music written by the Spanish composer Isaac Albeniz. Originally written for piano in G minor, it was Francisco Tarrega who transcribed it for guitar and put it in its most recognizable key, E minor. It is the most famous section in a suite entitled “Suite Espanola” (Op. 47), noted for its delicate, intricate melody and abrupt dynamic changes. (We appreciate Wikipaedia’s contributions in the descriptions here)”


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