love is patient

Fascinating kaleidoscope using portraits, made by Kelly Castro and Santiago Ortiz. “Photographs by Kelly Castro, from the series Exteriors. Collage by Santiago Ortiz. The 20 photographs used in this project belong to a series of 100 portraits, taken from between 26 December 2007 and 29 July 2008.” For those that have a more technical grounding than me: “The collage process used in this project is based on Voroni algorithm, which creates polygons from a list of points on the plane. Each polygon is defined by the set of points that are closer to a point on the list (it is easy to see how the border lines are equidistant to two points from the list). Each photograph is associated to a dot. The more the dot is isolated from the others, the more its polygon (the mask) becomes larger, revealing more of the photograph. The autonomous movement of the dots is defined by a constant speed and an iterative random variation on the direction.”


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