LISA LICHTENFELS ~ Figurative Sculpture, Realism in Fabric

Lisa Lichtenfels, figurative sculpture, realism in fabric: “Perhaps the oldest artistic medium of man-made material is fabric, yet, it is only recently that fabric figures have been produced with a high degree of realism. This leap has been made possible by the modern technological marvel of nylon, an extremely moldable fabric which can be stretched to 8 or 9 times its sitting length, while still returning to its original size when released.(…) It wasn’t long, however, before the properties of nylon began to present other options. For example, nylon is semi translucent, so several layers of differently colored nylon can produce very subtle and realistic skin tones. Also “needlemodelling” produces wrinkles, soft indentations, and delicate facial features. I felt compelled to explore these potentials.”


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