BBC News – Big business leaves big forest footprints

“Consumers around the globe are not aware that they are “eating” rainforests, says Andrew Mitchell. (…) he explains how many every-day purchases are driving the destruction of the vital tropical ecosystems.

(…) A new report by Forest Footprint Disclosure reveals for the first time how global business is driving rainforests to destruction in order to provide things for you and me to eat.

(…) Because of growing demand for beef, soy and palm oil, which are in much of what we consume, as well as timber and biofuels, rainforests are worth more cut down than standing up.

This is why we launched the Forest Footprint Disclosure project last year: to invite companies to first recognise their impact on forests and then disclose what they were doing about it.

Such a request might be ignored by giant businesses if it were not for the fact that investment managers (…) also wanted to know and backed our disclosure request with their names.

(…) Consumers and businesses can play their part by demanding that their suppliers know where their “Forest Risk Commodities” come from.” Found on Liberli’s excellent pages.

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