Calls to Move Goalposts as Girls Surpass Boys in School | Focal Point | Big Think

“Neurologist Dr. Bruce Perry told Newsweek that the current educational model is “biologically disrespectful” to boys. But our basic pedagogical models were developed by men, for boys–long before girls were allowed to go to to school. Now that girls are thriving in the system, disgruntled parents of sons and conservative activists like Christina Hoff Sommers of the American Enterprise Institute are crying foul.

It’s an article of faith for some people that boys will naturally do as well, or better than girls. If they don’t, the system must be broken.

Many of these advocates are demanding that we overhaul the curriculum to erase the female advantage. They say this so offhandedly you scarcely notice what a radical proposal they’re advancing. The curriculum is designed to teach skills that are important in work and life. Many jobs require you to sit down, shut up, and do your work. If girls have a natural edge in that department, then boys need remedial help and encouragement–like girls got in math–not extra indulgence.

Maybe boys are acting out and underperforming because they’ve been taught from an early age that the world should change to suit them.”


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