Keramik Atelier Maria-Luise Bodirsky | Skulpturen • Bilder • Objekte: Willkommen

Maria-Louise Bodirsky, arts. “On my daily walk through the vineyards, I was fascinated again and again by the split poles made out of the wood of the Acacia. They had been driven into the earth at the beginning and end of each row of vine to hold the wires and were slowly being weathered by sun, wind, and frost. (…) But then, in the hot summer of 2003, I was swimming in the bathing lake of Burkheim. A weathered piece of wood drifted towards me. I played with it. (…) I looked at it more closely and then it spoke to me: I am Daphne. Give me a face! Alright, I said, Iâ,d like to do nothing more. I took it with me on my bike, rode directly to my workshop and modelized a head â,” very introverted, mysterious, restrained, beautiful â,” a head with a soul. I very much enjoyed it! “


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