LAVA Laboratory for Visionary Architecture: they made it!!!!!!!!!!!!! the LAVA tigers are in Berlin

“The giant digital origami tigers fuse ancient lantern making methods with cutting edge design and fabrication technology, bringing tradition and innovation, east and west together. The crouching tigers were designed by multinational architectural practice LAVA with jennifer Kwok , customs house sydney, and are the size of a truck at 2.5 metres high and 7 metres long, yet weigh only 200kgs. Made of fully recyclable materials, aluminium and barrisol, the big cats are brought to life with low energy LED lighting.”

“Stefan Ziegler, WWF Tiger expert said. “The giant origami tigers are a powerful eye catcher. WWF is very pleased that they raise public awareness for tiger conservation. There are only 3,200 tigers left in the wild and we need to act now to save the greatest cat for the future.”

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