:: pacha design :: Handmade Contemporary Furniture & Accessories –


“Pachadesign are Glenn Rushbrooke and Samantha Robb. We are a design/make partnership based in Welcombe on the North coast at the border of Devon & Cornwall, specialising in contemporary furniture & accessories from locally sourced reclaimed & natural resources. The word pacha, meaning green/pure, was chosen to represent our eco-friendly attitude & our passion for using materials often seen as waste. Much of our work evolves from a simplistic approach to design and the materials that we use, combining pared down aesthetics with the Japanese view of wabi sabi, beauty in imperfection. We are very much inspired by the natural state of decay & rawness of oak, slate & metal, yet use these materials to produce pieces with clean lines & a modern feel. We like simple, uncomplicated design. we are not led by trends. Our work is understated, often with an asymmetrical marriage of materials. This simplicity ensures that the materials play a major part in the overall appearance, resulting in the pieces working well in modern minimalist spaces as well as more rustic environments. Very much aware of the amount of waste that is produced by society & industry inspires us to re-use these discarded materials for our small batch pieces & one-off designs. All pieces are designed & made by us in our small workshop in Welcombe on the North Devon coast. “
Their blog is worth visiting too: http://www.pachadesignjournal.blogspot.com/ Found via Kamir’s pages.




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