BBC – The mystery of the Pagan Ladys necklace

“This necklace hails from a time when Vikings ruled the land and seas. It is made up of 73 glass beads which in turn have been sculpted from stones found all over the world. (…)From England, Ireland, the Baltic sea area, Continental Europe and the Middle east, the stones which make up this necklace travelled far and wide before they were put together as a piece of jewellery. It demonstrates the existence of powerful and high status females in a period of history that is usually dominated by men. (…) A man called Neil Price had been examining similar female graves from this period in time and he came up with an alternative theory. “He had the idea that this sort of grave was the final resting ground for a wise women. This woman would have dispensed advice and could have been seen by her local community as having special powers. She would have been paid with things like beads.”


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