Steve Sabella Art London Based Palestinian Artist from Jerusalem

Steve Sabella, arts. “In Exile artwork (2008) was about the state of mind of living in permanent mental exile. It was about fragmentation, disorientation, confusion and dislocation. Sabella tries to give a visual form to his life as exile & alienation are at the core of his life and accordingly his art. It seems that Sabella has managed to slowly GLUE his fragments so that they appear complete in a healthier way. Before, they were torn apart in every direction, where now they make some form of a unity. Hence, ‘he is more stable’. He writes: I think at this stage of my life, I managed to transcend this state of mind. Just like my journey to penetrate my psyche to give a visual form to my fragmented state of mind for the IN EXILE artwork & others, it occurred to me that I should journey to the beautiful side of my brain and unlock the aesthetic and beauty buried there and give these a visual form. I feel I am IN TRANSITION – in a new state of mind – euphoria.” Thanks to cookitaly for sharing this artist with me. From the series ‘euphoria’:


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