Dayseye’s collection of beauty

Hi visitor,

Welcome to this blog. I’ve spend a lot of time collecting beauty ( – according to my personal definition; you might think completely otherwise. – ) on the internet.

Every post you’ll find below this post was originally posted on my StumbleUpon page. StumbleUpon unfortunately decided to stop showing pictures on their pages. Since pictures were an important part of my blog there, I decided to relocate my blog to here.

I hope you will enjoy all the beauty that I’ve found the past few years. Have fun!



Also having discovery window problems?

I’ve just discovered a way around the discovery window problem:
First adjust your toolbar options: choose to see reviews in a seperate tab. Then, when you discover a new page, don’t thumb it up, just click the info button in the toolbar (the white text balloon) and in a new tab a page will open where you can both thumb up the page and write a review.

Since I discovered the switch option I sometimes look at my page in both the old and the new SU. Good news is the colours are back. Bad news is the shade changed quite a lot. But perhaps that is also a temporarily thingy. In the new SU my pages turned into fire-brigade red. Personally I like the burgundy better.

Edit: For now I think that missing my burgundy is best combined with switching to a white background. So white it will be.

Edit 2: Second thoughts. For now it will be blue. Blue looks less clinical than white, and the shades are not too bad in both SU versions. I might be switching the colour more these days.

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